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1988 at the age of 14

Paris Hilton the snow bunny wraps up in a pink coat

The snow may be thin on the ground but that has not stopped heiress Paris Hilton from enjoying her holiday in the upmarket ski resort of Aspen, Colorado.

The socialite, 30, hit Main Street wearing a Pucci padded coat with a matching pink hat and the obligatory sunglasses.

Hilton's famous pet dog Tinkerbell was nowhere to be seen, although the pampered pooch was last seen sitting sweetly on her lap in a private jet as they touched down in the Rockies.

The reality TV star has been revelling in spending quality time with her family after a few weeks of jet-setting around the world.

She jetted via private jet to Aspen just 24 hours after flying into Los Angeles from Italy.

She tweeted: 'Just landed in Aspen with @KathyHilton @NickyHilton @ConradHilton @BarronHilton @VanessaDubasso, my dad & Tinkerbell! Love my #family!

Taking to her Twitter, she enthused: 'Having the best time skiing with my dad in #Aspen. #FatherDaughterDay :) Feel so lucky to have such an amazing dad, love him so much!

'Love skiing down the mountain blasting @DJAfrojack @DavidGuetta & @Kaskade on my Ipod. It's like clubbing in the snow;.'

After the father-daughter fun, they reunited with the rest of the Hilton family for a dinner at the private diner The Caribou Club.

Paris jetted to the Colorado resort on Monday along with mother Kathy and younger siblings Nicky, Conrad and Barron.

Kris Jenner demands pity for her daughter as Kris Humphries works out his pain in the gym:'Kim needs to cry it out'

If the red-tinged eyes peeking out beatifically from an impeccably made-up face aren't enough to convince you that Kim Kardashian is really, truly suffering... her mother has words for you.

Kris Jenner wants you to know that her 31-year-old daughter is sobbing from dusk 'til dawn within the beige confines of her Calabasas mansion now she's returned to LA from visiting her poor, dumped husband Kris Humphries, 26, in Minnesota.

'She needs to do what she's doing now and cry and figure it out,' Jenner, 56, told Extra during an interview with Maria Menounos at The Grove shopping mall in Hollywood.

'She's just trying to follow her heart, and she's going to be okay.'
Kim will eventually open up about what led to her decision to file for divorce, her mother added.

Such trailing of the sordid details has been criticised as protracted advertising for the new series of Kim and Kourtney Take New York.

But the Kardashians have vowed to ban all divorce drama from the shows, however, it certainly doesn't stop Kim taking part in an interview elsewhere, and one that's televised at that.

Something that did happen without the E! cameras there to document it, was Kim's midnight flight to Minnesota to see Kris on Saturday night.

And she wasn't at the CBS studios in Hollywood to support her brother Rob in the semi-final of Dancing with the Stars with the rest of her family.

Jenner said of the dramatic dash that her 'she really needed to talk to him.'
Though she was in Minnesota for less than 24 hours, Kim and Kris met with the pastor who performed their wedding ceremony to discuss what went wrong in the 72-day marriage.

Sources told TMZ that while Kim was 'conflicted about the divorce' there was no chance of a reconciliation for the pair and that the summit was about 'closure.'

And Us Magazine are reporting that the mission came as a result of a hostile email exchanges that were building up between the pair.

Kim is said to have wanted to stem the tide before things in the press and at court got ugly between them.

'They both came away with a better understanding of their relationship,' a source revealed.

It certainly seemed intense, the reality star was spotted on the porch of Kris's lavish home during their talks, pacing like a Bronte sister on a windswept moor with phone clasped to her ear rather than a symbolic brace of heather.

Later as she left with suitcase and pillow for the flight, Kris could be seen at the door staring after his wife of such a short period with a hang-dog expression.

When she arrived back at LAX, Kim appeared to be looking drained.

If you look more closely, however, she looks great for having just travelled cross-country, and has even taken care to apply some blusher.

Though her trademark eye make-up had not been applied, to achieve that red raw eye effect.

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Amanda Bynes Retiring from Acting

“Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem,” Amanda Bynes tweeted.

I grew up on Amanda Bynes Nickelodeon show and all I have to say is WHY AMANDA AMANDA AMANDA!